Yasmine Rana

Yasmine Rana has been designing for over thirty years under her own label, infusing each piece with her unique worldview.  

The designer was born in Germany and grew up in Morocco with her French-Greek mother and Berber father.  She studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, completing degrees in both Fashion Design and Patternmaking.  

Extensive travels and her multicultural background inform her work, but no matter the cultural influences, the garment is distilled to its essence and becomes timeless.  Most satisfying in her search for beauty is when a design reaches beyond social construct for something visceral and organic.  

First from her Kathmandu boutique and then internationally, she has worked directly with several thousand customers in designing custom garments.  She channels decades of experience into ready-to-wear pieces that help women with various body types look and feel their best. 

From the very beginning, Yasmine’s unwavering sense of quality led her to form her own manufacturing unit in Nepal.  Each artisan has been trained by her personally to achieve all the marks of impeccable tailoring.  Her pieces are finished with refinement, featuring couture detailing such as binding and hand-sewn buttonholes. 


This emphasis on workmanship has shaped her approach to design.  When such care is lavished on a garment, it is beautiful inside and out—reversible.  Her effervescent creativity pushes the potential of the garment further still.  A skirt is no longer just reversible.  It is also a dress, a poncho, a top…  Ultimately, it is an invitation to play.

Yasmine has received honors in Nepal for her entrepreneurship and her work with women’s organisations such as Tewa, Dhaka Weaves and Sabah Nepal.  She participated in Couture Fashion Week 2014 in New York City where she is now based.



Beauty is everywhere if you know where to look.


"Yasmine has captured in her designs a wonderful concept for the woman of today.  Details in her original creations speak volumes of her creative joy and of a timeless elegance.  In her artistic vision she brings the delight in fashion to the forefront for the woman of style."

-- Christa Dowling
Founder and Former Editor-in-Chief , Vogue Germany.