MAD Museum Visit

In the past I made it a point to visit the Museum of Art and Design every time I went to New York City.  Of course, since moving to the city, I no longer have to wait.  The museum continually surprises and inspires me with its unorthodox material and methods of display.  For example, when I visited in July, there was a jewellery exhibition.  Some of it was displayed in cases but underneath them were drawers that one could open to discover more pieces. 


On the left--a sound system that looks like a hat to me (the spiral in the centre is convex) and is appealingly graphic. 
On the right--a Japanese wicker basket with exquisite workmanship.  The light when I took the picture adds another dimension.  


On the left--what attracted me was the relationship between the central piece, which is stable and imposing, and the small pieces around it that look like they are almost floating, that and the repetition of the central shape by the buildings outside.
On the right--this necklace was part of the jewellery exhibit I mentioned above.  It's made of trigger blades from guns.