The Earthquake in Nepal

There is a lot to do after the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal.

From my studio in NYC I have been so involved with staying in touch with people back in Nepal and reading stories about the earthquake that I am just writing about this now.  Facebook and my friend Lindel Caine have kept me regularly updated and I want to thank her and all the people who wrote to me to enquire about my safety and the safety of my friends and family.

I spent 30 years of my life in Nepal and have now been a resident of NYC for the past two years.

My sampling unit and boutique are still in Kathmandu and I am constantly in touch with my staff.  The earthquake has left them alive but traumatised.  Several of their homes have suffered damage as well.  Because of the ongoing tremors, they are still having a difficult time returning to the building where we work.  Shirish, my assistant, has been so courageous and resourceful in finding ways to keep the studio up and running.

I read this amazing article on Nepal in the NY Times.  There are many inspiring stories in it.  A lot has been done and there is still a lot to do.  I have been contributing to two organisations: Global Fund for Women and Citta.  I am also working on a couple of trunk shows to raise some funds for women’s organisations.  In particular, the plans for one in Germany are almost complete.  

So let us keep the hope alive, the economy going and remember that this wonderful country still has a lot to offer geographically and on the human level.

I am going back to Nepal for a month in November and hopefully will be able to provide some creative impulse to keep my operation up and running.