My Creative Process

I am frequently asked about my design process.  It’s a great question with many answersanswers at various levels of the human experience: the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual.


From a physical point of view, I obviously require a body to be able to experience my creativity and express it on the physical/material plane.  My body needs to be sound so that it can be the best instrument for the creative process. 


From the mental point of view, creativity is perceived from an analytical perspective—the pros and cons of a design, its functionality, its price point, its relevance to current trends, its harmony. This is close to the physical process in that it’s for the sole purpose of manifesting the original creative impulse.


The emotionalthe creative process stirs up a lot of feelings.  I need to feel some kind of a buzz, an urge to create that can be compared to what a pregnant lady experiences when she is almost ready to deliver her baby.  She has this deep, organic need and the process happens easily or with difficulty depending on her state of inner readiness.


From a spiritual point of view, it is my absolute privilege to be in touch with what my creator wants me to express. I need to cultivate receptivity to welcome what is to be born through me.  It is unique, and yet it is relevant and relatable to all.


Creativity is a living process that happens all the time, in our bodies and under our very noses through the breath!