Hijab v. the mini skirt: Dolce's new line


This whole debate about what woman choose to wear is superficial based on wrong premises. Women's garments (front, back, sleeves) have taken many shapes over the course of history and varies across cultures and languages. Women have gone from stringing corsets to buring their bras to manifest their independence and expose the lackthereof when choosing how to cover their bodies.


Covering our bodies is essential to our survival--it is a protection, not a political debate.


Recently Dolce and Gabbana debuted a new line of hijabs and abayas. Many found this to be a human-rights move, others found it to be a one of fashion.


But let's look at it from the angle of beauty.


Whatever you choose to wear, the feeling of wellness and beauty ought to express itself effortlessly through your clothes. Personally, I am not interested in the trend of fitted jeans that hamper your digestion and reproductive organs and leave nothing to the imagination! In Asia, the sari for me is the ideal solution for the women of that culture. It is elegant and sexy. Five yards of fabric and you are covered no stitch, no seams required. The sari fits all bodies and there are countless ways to drape and personalize your sari.


Abaya and hijabs are mostly worn by Muslim women in Arabic countries. These are the opposite of wearing a sari. Their purpose is to cover and hide the body. The various  embellishments are an addition to attract without revealing the body. The new line is gorgeous and no-doubt well-made, but all that black and the synthetic fabric! Can you imagine the heat in the Arbian desert with these?


So to cover or not to cover the body is ideally the choice of the wearer bearing in mind your culture and motives.