New Orleans -- A Travel Entry

What a feast for the eyes, the belly, and ears it was!

From the moment we stepped into this city, we knew it was like nowhere else we had been before.

Amazing architecture lined every street we walked. So much of the lively American history we had only read about in books. These buildings wore makeup of the most dazzling colors, all dressed up with pre-Mardi Gras banners, plants, and ornaments. There are no false notes of garishness in New Orleans. The sense of color combination is strong with this city--strong and buoyant and attractive.

The women's fashions were just as colorful as the buildings. The fashion in New Orleans while relaxed seemed to emphasize the comfort versus the trend and stylishness. But there was a festive flavor very palpable in nearly all the women we happened upon. Sometimes winking at you with a statement necklace that screamed Southern Gothic. Sometimes it was a dollop of neon-colored hair sashaying down the cobblestone streets. These unconventional fashion statements seemed to hint at the very essence of New Orleans.

But it's not all about looks in New Orleans -- taste is just as important. Creole and Cajun flavors emanated from most of the storefronts we passed. And the sounds of the streets! At almost every corner in the French Quarter there were sounds floating around in the most festive waves. The brassy notes serenaded us through the New Orleans streets -- often having to step around a whole band playing right in the middle with people dancing all around!

With all of our sensations flooded, we couldn't help but notice a feeling of mystery and magic present in the French Quarter. There is a whole row of tarot and esoteric readers, where those who dream and dare can go to hear about their fortunes or futures. I even had a reading by this intense woman with the most cerulean dread locks topped with a delightful top hat trimmed with leopard print.

New Orleans has a special connection with the underworld and the realm of magic is quite conspicuous, allowing visitors a break from the technological madness that goes on in bigger metropolises. Upon leaving, my soul felt nourished to a different drum beat!