Rest and Relaxation in Laguna. And Shopping!

Don’t get me started with Laguna Beach.  This place is blessed by the gods--beautiful beaches with glorious sunsets, amazing flowers and vegetation and a peaceful vibe all around.

My body needed a break from the NY winter, the onslaught of my to-do list and the work of expanding my brand and launching my online shop.

A friend mentioned she moved from NYC to Laguna and I took it as a lead to make it my next travel destination.  Following my intuition paid off.  The minute I arrived, I loved the smell, the energy and my body loved it too.  I immediately connected with the ocean and felt a rush of energy from the cold water.  I walked long hours on the beach and discovered intimate alcoves for myself.

While searching for a travel agent, I found the amazing Anastasia boutique that carries my favourite shoe brand--United Nude.  I now own a pair of classy, funky, sassy shoes for spring that fit me perfectly.  

Next I had a memorable mocha café and lemon tart at the Zinc Café.  The service was lovely.  The people here are nice, easygoing, present and yet not pushy.  It's the nice weather!  There's a different kind of freedom here, one tempered by gratitude and appreciation, different from NYC where I isolate myself to feel my freedom.

Resting here does wonders for my mind.  It mellows me out and I surprise myself by being in the moment with no rush or agenda…  Allowing this space is a luxury I don’t want to forget.  In that space of adventure, magic can unfold!  I walked a lot which allowed me to take in this place more organically than if I had rented a car.


So if you want to rest in a lovely, coastal spot with sunshine pretty much all year around, Laguna Beach might be your next destination!