Nepal Trip!

After one year, I returned to Nepal where I got to enjoy working with my tailors to develop the Cork Collection for my upcoming trade show in Paris in early October 2016.

I missed working hands on with them and realized how dedicated they have been during my absence, that in spite of all the technical difficulties, the lack of power and the constant threat of an earthquake, they held down the fort with the help of my dedicated partner of over 18 years, Sirish.  She managed to keep our finances afloat and had orders coming in despite the blockades and the paralyzing political unrest.  One of the main purposes of my trip was to provide work and restore hope for a brighter economic future.

This intense time spent together making prototypes, testing new grounds by developing a pioneering product like cork for clothing involved everything from wisdom, knowhow, patience and frustration.  It resulted in bonding us more closely for hopefully the next decade.

Being in the USA and away from Nepal has allowed me to have a fresher look at what works and what does not.  And they know very well that I don’t take “Not possible Ma’am” seriously, that my vision takes them past their perceived limitations.  By the grace of God my studio is still at the forefront of tailoring and—I can say proudly—very much on par with the highest standards I have encountered in the USA.  Yes, those sampling garments made with pedal machines will be standing side by side with ones made with very sophisticated machinery!  Being in Nepal has made me realized how to maneuver around technical challenges, improve my management skills and feel satisfied.  Unlike the Rolling Stones...  I can get satisfaction…  From a job well done!