My Visit to the Capsule Trade Show at Pier 94


What a neat little ( little compared to the Coterie trade show) trade show!

A good sense of space as it wasn’t crowded either by the stands of exhibitors nor by the attendees—it was the last day of the show.

Everyone greeted me courteously, and without being pushy.

I attend these exhibitions to find unusual products, see and feel the creative pulse!

I found that the stands that included natural flowers or plant were more attractive, and also two exhibitors brought their puppy dogs and that is always a show stopper even though it wasn’t a canine show!


Very attractive to me were stands that displayed accessories made with old fabric from Guatemala or Bags ( see pictures of Emilia tote or Alyssa Yamamoto or the very exquisite bead earring made by Jeri Lynn Ingram for Huichol Love made in Mexico!

The earrings from Ariana Boussard Reifel were also quite stunning!

Another stand “ the shaman furs” ‘with rings made with a fur “pearl” attracted my attention and he explained that the otter were not an endangered species and that the hunter used shamanic practices before he kills the animal; he asks the animal for their lives / makes a clean kill and prays for them. (I thought this to be quite debatable)

Do I see myself participating in this Show?  Part of me says “yes” and I will reflect on it, as it is quite an investment to be an exhibitor!

 am thanking my good fortune for having the possibility to meet all these creative people who have labored hard in this competitive world in order to make this happen and I know how that feels and wish all a great turnover.