Traveling Feeds the Imagination

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to travel and this desire was fuelled by the many documentaries that my mother used to take us to watch “for educational purposes”. Brasil and America left a sense of awe and wonder in my very curious young mind. I can remember thinking, “I want to go to the carnival in Rio and I want to eat the huge ice-creams they have in America!” I did eventually do both. Never underestimate the strong desire you have as a young person, and how they can be clues for clarifying your career choices later in life.

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My strict traditional background filled me with a need to explore new territories and magnified my imagination (we did not have laptops or YouTube in those days)! All these feelings led me to create a lifestyle enmeshing fashion and traveling. I am not a 9-to-5 kind of girl and I feel very much at home while traveling. It wakes up all my senses, gets me out of my comfort zone and, by pushing me out into the unknown, helps me trust my creator to keep me safe.

The trunk shows I do allow me to travel around the world and meet incredible women with all kinds of backgrounds and fashion sensibilities. It has taught me not to take my beliefs too seriously. For example, I am amazed at the creative ways in which you can drape a sari. The north of India has one style and the south has another and it literally fits everybody!

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The symbolism of color is so different from country to country. For example, white is perceived as a mourning color in India and Nepal, while in America and Europe, by implying purity and a state of innocence, it is a color of celebration in weddings.

When traveling, one needs to be flexible and adaptable and that is why the Milagree collection will serve you well on your next trip. Made out of jersey, it embodies flexibility. It has a multi-functionality that is precious when you want to travel light and still want variety. It is playful and keeps you in a youthful state of mind so that you can be ready for the next adventure. It is inclusive as you can easily blend it with the rest of your wardrobe.

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This easily translates into an inner disposition that encourages you to be inclusive of all fellow beings you may meet and to cultivate the core understanding that we all need to feel respected, appreciated and cared for. Encounters turn into an inclusive puzzle of asking yourself “How can I make it work?” whether you are faced with a person, an idea or a garment. How do I incorporate it into my life to make it relevant? That is what gives you a much richer palette of life experiences.

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What is your next destination? How do you like to challenge your self? I would love to start a discussion on this topic and welcome any feedback!