My Experience Fasting in Relationship to my Body and Mind

A few days ago I finished a 22 days fast drinking only water and a coconut water mix.

 Me (on the right) with Kriti Trivedi.

Me (on the right) with Kriti Trivedi.

I am glad I did it, I feel so much lighter and stuck to my resolve no matter what my mind was throwing at me. I kept thinking, “You are going to lack this o  be deficient in that”- and now I know for a fact that is not true!

After my fast, my nails that are normally brittle got stronger and my skin clearer. My legs were much lighter to the point where at times I felt sooo light and springy in my footsteps that I almost did not feel the gravity pool. 

After checking my digestive system, (I do this when I practice yoga, my belly and liver felt quiet, and did not react to my touch with an ouch!) I concluded that my organs were at peace. My mind was so clear and sharp, I was able to write, understand concepts, and “ get ” the meaning of life in a more intense way as I felt more detached  from my impulsivity and emotionality. It t was almost as if I was capable to be outside myself and see me act. 

My sleep quality was so restorative and deep-very different than when I had a cup of coffee in a “ normal” day routine. I felt more quiet outwardly yet had all the energy necessary if needed to speak to someone or be active. Through this I realized that speaking require a lot of energy and was more economical with my sharings, and therefore less inclined to speak more that what was necessary! 

It was also interesting to observe the reaction of my friends to whom I shared that I was fasting while being mindful not to force my methods onto them. After sharing three of my friends felt inspired to start a cleansing. I guess deep down they realized they needed to have a break from the onslaught of food consumerism and a deep desire to heal themselves and get the necessary rest to their inner organs (that never get a chance to rest).

On a physical level, I feel lighter and get into my clothes with more ease. I am not interested in knowing how much I “lost “ in fact I feel I “gained in strength!”

On a mental level, my thoughts are not in the driving seat and I am more in touch with what my body needs.  My mind is quiet, enabling me to reflect and be in “the now!” 

On an emotional level, I feel more balanced and touch the beauty of life. and I can be empathic without being sucked in emotionally.

On a spiritual level, I am more in touch with my spirit than my body.  Being able to separate the two makes all the difference as I am on my journey to elevate myself and share my findings and my God given wisdom to my other fellow beings.  My fasting has accelerated that process and deeply cleansed my inner residue at all levels.

Please find beauty and inspiration in these photos and from my travels while I fasted. Below is a photo I took at the Multnomah Falls in Oregon and a basket of the healthy fresh vegetables at the Ted Talk I attended.

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Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to hear more information on my experience fasting.


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